Increasing attainment levels and reducing early leaving from Higher Education are key issues for Member States and for Higher Education Institutions in Europe. In several Member States, the reduction of higher education drop-out rates is becoming crucial.

Tutorship programmes and career guidance services play a strategic role in supporting students’ choices and attainment of their academic and professional plans.


Reducing drop-out rates

This project aims at reducing academic drop-out rates with the development of a set of tools and a new tutoring system that combines career guidance, peer learning, social networks and new digital technologies. Students themselves and trained e-tutors will have an innovative and social platform to use everyday for solving problems, learning from each others, sharing key information, taking decisions, planning study and future career goals.


Innovative digital systems

The projects aims at creating an innovative European digital system for Universities and HEIs, adapted for different contexts, based on a mobile Application, that provides tools and device for e-tutoring support to students during their academic career.


Active engagement

The project promotes the active engagement of the Higher Education Institutions to bridge the gap between education and careers. Career guidance will be the strategic addendum to the tool, as it provides services and resources for developing their future professional identities and tools to help them better cope with the difficulties of the academic career.


HEI institutions

This project will have a direct impact on HEI institutions as it will improve the quality of academic career guidance provision and will structure an international high-quality tutoring system that will promote lifelong learning for academic tutors and career guidance experts. The project will impact the academic experience of more than 10,000 students in six nations in Europe while reducing academic drop-out and increasing European attainment rates.

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